About Me

Stress was ruining my life! Then I worked out how to take control. Now as a Stress Management Coach I help other people reduce stress and become more energized and motivated.

Iain Layden - Stress Management CoachI had built a successful career in the corporate world, working as a project manager in the UK and abroad. I enjoyed making things happen, working with different people, and doing a job which was always changing. It gave me a buzz! But there were aspects of my job that I really didn’t like: pressure of work, staff shortages, long hours, the dreaded “office politics”, job insecurity, and the lack of time and energy for a personal life.

As I rose higher up the corporate ladder these problems only increased. Being stressed became more and more a part of my life. I found I was getting less and less enjoyment out of my work. Stress was taking over my life! I was waking up at 2 or 3am filled with worry, then struggling to get up when the alarm went off. Stress was not just affecting my happiness – it was affecting my career, my family, my health. At one very bad time I started drinking every night.

I realised that when I was stressed, it was harder to think of solutions. Stress damaged my self-confidence, making me think small instead of thinking big – putting false limitations on what I believed I could do. It made me irritable – at work, and at home with my family. I could see that a lot of the things I was frustrated about in my life came from making poor decisions while I was stressed. So I decided that enough was enough! I started consciously working on my stress.

I noticed what my triggers were, and learned to stop immediately reacting. I paid attention to the things that helped to reduce my stress (even temporarily) – and I made sure to do them more often. I had been practicing Reiki for several years (I’ve been running a Reiki practice since 2006), so I already had some tools to help me relax and become more balanced. I talked to other people and found out how they dealt with stress. I studied EFT and Modern Stress Management with the Guild of Energists, learning methods to gain control of destructive emotions such as anger, fear and hatred, and to turn stress into success.

It was hard work. Stress had become part of my ingrained programming. I would make progress for a while, then fall back into bad habits. It was difficult working on stress alone. I began to see that it was hard for other people too.

I decided to help others who were stressed. I saw how disempowering stress was for people – robbing them of the ability to think clearly and creatively, shattering their confidence. I had already trained as a Personal Performance Coach, and here was an area where my knowledge and experience of coaching and stress management could help others.

Now I help professional people who are suffering from stress caused by work or finances.

I show them how to take control of the stress in their lives – to feel happy, confident, energized and highly motivated! I help them to understand what causes their stress, reduce the impact of stress on their lives, and find ways to get out of stress quickly.  To see how I work with people, go to Working with Me.

I learned from experience that good things happen when we free ourselves from stress! We feel much better. We start to see things more clearly. We become more creative. We make better decisions. When someone gets out from under the weight of stress, they can start to refocus and rebalance their lives life. Everything can start to change. Getting stress under control can be life-changing!

To find out how I can help you to be less stressed and more energised, Contact me.