Stress Management Coaching for Professionals

Stress Management Coaching – helping busy professionals find better ways to reduce stress and lead more energised lives.

Which of these apply to you?

Iain Layden - Stress Management Coaching

  • Stress at work (too much pressure, long hours, difficult working relationships, uninspiring work)
  • Very stressed in certain situations – but you can’t avoid them (social situations, public speaking, business events)
  • Going through stressful changes in your life (loss of job, relationship breakdown)
  • Life generally is stressing you out (bored, feeling directionless, wondering “is this all there is?”)

Perhaps you have trouble sleeping, or wake up at night, your mind filled with worry, or worrying your way through the day. Perhaps you lose your temper too easily when things don’t go the way you want. The weekends only bring other forms of stress, and for many people the weekend is just an extension of the working week.

I’m Iain Layden, and I work with people like you. I have met many people who are suffering from stress, and want better ways to manage it. I used to be one of them, until I decided I had had enough of the toll stress was taking on my life! You can read my story here.

Too many of us lead stressful lives. Stress is costly. It holds people back in their careers. It damages relationships. It prevents us from living the full, inspiring lives we want to live. It can ruin our happiness. It keeps us tied to disempowering habits and situations. Stress causes headaches, digestive problems, disturbed sleep. And it can be a killer – stress is a major cause of heart disease and strokes. Too much stress robs us of the ability to find creative solutions to the problems facing us. Just when we need to be at our problem-solving best, it is hard to think straight. Does that sound familiar?

I help people find ways to manage their stress, and feel happy, confident, energized. Through one-to-one Stress Management Coaching sessions, group workshops and training sessions, I assist people to:

  • Understand what causes their stress
  • Find ways to re-energise and get out of stress fast
  • Find ways to reduce stress by raising their energy levels and
  • Reduce the overall levels of stress in their lives

Together we develop a plan that works for them, that they can follow to permanently reduce the impact of stress on their lives.

What is stress costing you, your family, your career, your health?  If you found your way here, I’m guessing that you want some help to reduce the impact of stress on your life, or on the life of a loved one or colleague.

To find out how Stress Management Coaching can help you to be less stressed and more energised, contact me.