Read what some of my clients have said about Stress Management Coaching:Iain Layden - Stress Management Coaching

“I started the coaching sessions as I was looking to deal with my high level of stress and was hoping to find a way to manage it

Coaching with Iain really helped me to understand myself better and how to prevent my reactions to stressful situations. It helped me to build up a plan of actions I can take before, during and after any stressful situations. I am now feeling more aware of my stress, and determined to find more relaxation in my life.

I absolutely recommend Iain as a coach. He is both positive and great at picking up clues about what I was saying and direct the coaching accordingly. Iain was very supportive and I found it easy to open up. I felt he was non-judgemental, inspiring, and a warm person.

Thank you, Iain, for your coaching. You helped me both personally and professionally.”

Nadia, Art Officer

“Iain was a great coach facilitating me to look at my core reasons behind stress, which was simply fear about various aspects of my life.

What I loved about the sessions is that Iain got me to look at what raises my energy rather than just focusing on stress. Considering things you enjoy that make you happy – I did not know what many of them were. I have now been able to create a list of things that raise my energy and I shall continue to add to my list and do everything on my list. I realised I spent so much time focusing on what I don’t want and what I fear I was stopping myself from being happy.

I gained great insights about stress and I was able to recognise the different emotions I experience throughout the day. A lot of my emotions were normal but not comfortable. Thanks Iain! You are another individual who has added value to my life.”

Stasia, Fitness Trainer

“I came to Iain as I had an awful lot on my plate. I felt overwhelmed, pulled in multiple directions, constantly tired, tearful, snappy for no reason and genuinely just wanted to stop the bus!! Although my situation hasn’t changed, I am able to control my stress levels by noticing what triggers me, and then using preventative measures that Iain has taught me.

I am greatly impressed by his manner and style at making people relaxed and feel accepted.

Iain absorbs facts and helped me figure out what’s going on. The experience gave me a new and profound understanding of myself. He really helped me think through things and then take measures to calm myself down.  He was very sensitive and helpful.  I am much more relaxed these days and doing better at prioritising realistic actions.  It has taken me a while to form those brilliant recommended habits, but Iain’s patience and support have help tremendously.

I can highly recommend coaching with Iain and would not hesitate to refer to him to anyone who is looking for De-stressing in one’s life and work. He is excellent in his work. I strongly recommend My Stress Coach to everyone.”

Samantha, IT Professional

“I sought help from Iain after trying several different ways to manage stress, none of which seemed to have a lasting effect. The issue in question was to do with performance-related stress at work which had been building gradually for several years, affecting my general sense of well-being, and health. The health aspect has been of particular concern for me due to physical tension in my neck and shoulders, and also because of a medical condition that is worsened by stress.

After my sessions with Iain I felt I had much better control through learning to be more objective about what was happening in terms of my stress levels and the warning signs – that was a huge step forward as it raised my awareness, highlighting the problem and putting things in perspective. I was able to track my progress which was encouraging and motivating. I particularly liked the focus on the positive by doing the Energy Boost Chart, which has been a really useful tool.

Working with Iain has been very helpful, and I enjoyed the sessions which were relaxed and positive.  He immediately put me at ease and was understanding, supportive and encouraging.  I sensed an improvement in my symptoms after a few sessions and later discovered my cortisol levels were clinically lower. I have seen a real and measurable change in symptoms and have no hesitation in recommending Iain to anyone wanting to reduce their stress!”

HT, Sign Language Interpreter

“I was feeling completely overwhelmed with a number of traumas that were taking place in my life. I found all of this too much to deal with at times and really struggled to focus on anything in my life. 

Since working with Iain, I now have strategies that allow me to take time to release me from feeling overwhelmed and allows me to focus on feelings of peace rather than stress. The things I do now also allow me to create space in my mind for new ideas to deal with issues I am facing. 

Iain was very understanding with my situation and didn’t judge or offer advice on how to deal with it but rather focussed on the emotions and feelings that came with the situation and helped me with some techniques that helped me deal with them.  

Iain was very calm and compassionate with a tough situation and whilst challenging I never felt judged. The knowledge and tools I have gained have aided me through other tough situations over the past few months and I will be forever grateful for Iain’s help.”

Keith, School Teacher